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Frequently Asked Questions

May I nominate myself for an award?

Yes, in fact, you may be best qualified to nominate yourself for an award, as you know more about your project than anyone else.

How were the awards criteria and ranking established?

The Source Water Collaborative's Award Committee, representing various agencies, nonprofits, water systems, and others having Source Water Protection knowledge, discussed the awards process at length to establish the criteria.  Each criterion is weighted based on its importance as determined by the volunteer group of representatives.

What is the award?

You will receive a water drop award, a framed certificate, the publicity of your project being highlighted in a press release, and recognition of your project on the Source Water Collaborative website.

How will I be notified if I have been selected for an award?

Primarily by e-mail and by phone, if necessary.

Are supporting materials required?

No. A submission will be considered complete if it includes a one-page summary of the project and the completed nomination form; however, submission of supportive materials is encouraged.

How will leadership nominees be judged?

The nomination criteria, as it applies, will be used to select leadership award recipients.