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Operating Structure

Proposed Operational Structure of the North Carolina Source Water Collaborative

The following structure is proposed to move us forward and allow a mechanism to initiate business activity for the Collaborative. This structure can be modified at any scheduled meeting pending discussion and consensus agreement by Collaborative members.

A. Meeting Facilitator is defined as the individual who initiates and presides over a scheduled meeting on behalf of Collaborative Members. The Meeting Facilitator is responsible for securing a meeting location, sending out notices and agendas, distributing the minutes, and keeping the meeting orderly and focused.

B. Collaborative Member (or Member) is defined as any agency, association, business entity, program or individual who agrees with the intent, mission and vision of the Collaborative. Member's attendance and participation at meetings and their (or their organization's) signature on the Statement of Purpose is sufficient to demonstrate membership. Members may introduce discussion and vote on business decisions of the Collaborative.

C. General Supporter (or Supporter) is defined as any agency, association, business entity, program or individual who wishes to associate itself with the activities of the Collaborative, but does not intend to sign the Statement of Purpose. A Supporter may attend scheduled meetings and be recognized to speak. However, Supporters cannot participate in the decision making process of the Collaborative.

D. Project Teams are defined as any combination of Members, Supporters or outside entities who volunteer to assist with and implement the Collaborative's goals and objectives. In general, a Project Team consists of individuals who have knowledge, experience and/or interest related to a particular objective. The formation of a Project Team must be recognized and approved by the Members to legitimately represent the Collaborative.

Achieving Consensus, Decision Making, and Meeting Procedure

The Meeting Facilitator will preside over scheduled meetings. Meeting summaries will be maintained and distributed in accordance with instructions of the Meeting Facilitator. Meetings will be scheduled on a quarterly basis. However, Project Teams are encouraged to meet as often as necessary to achieve their objective. Provisions will be made to allow remote meeting participation for Members that are prohibited by distance or other constraints.

Business decisions made by the Collaborative are legitimate under the following conditions: At any scheduled meeting, 25% of the membership (including members who participate remotely) will define a quorum sufficient to make final decisions. Decisions made at a meeting without quorum are deemed preliminary and must be forwarded (via email, web survey, etc.) to all other members of the Collaborative. Other members will be given opportunity to provide input and/or participate in the outcome of the decision. A minimum of 25% of the membership must participate to finalize a preliminary decision.

The Collaborative may use consensus techniques to reach decisions. Majority vote (51%) may also be used in situations where consensus is not possible or applicable.